Family Ministry

Families in India are undergoing a crisis.

Poverty, disease, influences of the media, busyness, the lack of proper and adequate teaching on family life are some of the major causes for the conflicts in families and breakdown in relationships.

Ark Family Ministries is committed to building strong families. 


Family Life & Marriage Enrichment Institute

FLAME Institute is an intensive training program for six days to equip and train leaders in churches specialising in biblical teachings on family. The purpose of this training program is to furnish the interested candidates to be able to minister to families in and around their churches/association independently. This Institute is also designed to enhance and strengthen the families in their respective churches/ association so by doing we may have strong churches and society as well.

Basic topics like:

Some of the other topics that are taught and discussed in the training institute: 

over 25 different topics are covered in this institute.

Family Seminars

Ark Family Ministries conducts family seminars for churches, organizations, societies and family groups. These programs are conducted as 1-day, 2-day and 3-day seminars or 3-evenings program.

Leaders Family Seminars and Training Programs

Christian Leaders interested in building and enriching families are given family life training in one-day, two-day and three-day family seminars to equip them to work with families in their churches, organizations etc.

Marriage Enrichment Cells

Once a month couples get together to spend time together discussing family related topics.

Seminars on Love, Sex and Marriage for Youth

The youth because of the influences of the secular western media have developed unwholesome attitudes and understanding of love, sex and marriage. Therefore many have developed various destructive habits such as drinking, smoking, drug habits and promiscuous life styles.
To combat this we conduct one-day and two-day seminars for youth ages 16 and above.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are extended to couples needing counsel and guidance. We also conduct marriage preparation sessions for couples to be married.