Family Ministry

The Challenge

The Call to Family Ministry

In 1995 the Lord spoke to us through Heb.11:7 to start a ministry to build, strengthen and enrich families all over India. Ark Family Ministries is committed to building strong, Bible based families. Godly families will pass on the godly heritage to the next generation. (Ps. 78:1-8)

Family Seminars and Marriage Enrichment Cell

Through these seminars and monthly enrichment cells, as they learn from the Word of God, families are enriched and challenged to live out biblical principles.

Pastors and Leaders Family Seminars

As there is no meaningful training available in the area of Christian family life, Christian leaders are given family life training in 1-day, 2-day , and 3-day seminars.

Parenting Seminars

We conduct parenting seminars to train parents in the basics of biblical parenting skills. We always emphasise that God’s Word is our primary instruction book in raising godly children. Salvation through Christ and discipling the children is taught.

Seminars on Love, Sex, Purity and Marriage for Youth

We conduct 1-day and 2-day seminars to help disciple the youth and encourage them to live pure lives as they gain a biblical understanding of love, sex, purity and marriage.

Family Life And Marriage Enrichment Institute (FLAME Institute)

Several leader couples after being exposed to some of our teaching, expressed a desire to receive in-depth training with the aim that as they receive these biblical family life principles, they in turn can strengthen many families in their churches and organisations. During these six day institutes, twenty two subjects related to family life are taught. Most of them are unable to give more time, thus these six days are very intensive, filled with many interactive sessions. Many pastors and leaders have testified that this has greatly enriched and equipped them.

“After attending FLAME Institute, my wife and I are growing in the Lord. Now we are understanding each other’s weaknesses much better, and learning to care for one another. All the study notes have become very useful in teaching other couples.”
Evangelist, P. Anand, Manipur State

“We were very surprised that God has put in details everything about husband’s and wife’s roles and responsibilities.”
— Rev. Areng and Mary Serto, Manipur State

“We learned through FLAME that things which we do not consider important are important to our spouse-like a word of appreciation, a hug, investing time etc. to express our love towards one another, especially husbands to their wives.”
— Bro. Kachungai and Shanti Longmei, Nagaland State

“We learned that family is the most important and valuable gift God has given to us and we must give first priority to our families above work and ministry. We also learned how to resolve conflicts in the way that pleases the Lord and how to forgive and love each other unconditionally.”
— David and Shane Pou, West Bengal State

“The training was of short duration, but full of content which has helped me in my family and ministry. All the training material is backed up with relevant Scripture text. I am using this daily in my pastoral ministry and personal and family interactions.”
—Pastor K. Matthew Longmei, Manipur State