Pooja is the first Ashirvad child to be transitioned to the second-line ART drugs. Eventually, the first line medications stop being effective against the HIV infection and patients must move to a different, stronger, medication to keep the HIV under control.

Before she started the new drugs, we had a special medical test done at the advice of our doctor from Nireekshana Clinic. This test evaluates which ART drug ‘cocktail’ will be most effective.  To our dismay, the test revealed that 2 of the 3 ART medicines that Pooja was placed on by the doctors at the government hospital are ineffective. Only one of the medicines she is taking is doing anything, but it too will fail at some point because it is fighting alone. Once that happens, her body will stop responding all together to that medicine as well.

After almost one and a half years later, the level of HIV in her body remains low. The medicine is working to keep the HIV at bay.

Please pray for Pooja's body to continue responding to this medicine for the months and years to come!

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