In October 2012, Naveen came down with a fever. When the fever remained for many days the doctors fear of TB was confirmed. As his high fever was treated over the course of three weeks, his liver started to fail. Because of his poor liver function, he could not take the medications to treat his TB. Over the course of October and November his health deteriorated significantly. He lost more than 30 pounds and started losing blood in his vomit and stool. Due to the loss of blood, he needed a blood transfusion. We were able to arrange the transfusion and admitted him to a hospital for HIV patients. The doctor said afterward that he was literally days away from death. But, God placed His healing hand upon Naveen and his liver function started to return to normal. Over the course of two weeks in late November 2012, Naveen’s liver started to function normally and he was able to begin treatment for TB. We were amazed at how quickly his energy returned to him. He began eating and in just two months gained back all of the weight he lost.

When you look at him today, you would never guess that he was ever so sick!

Naveen is currently working on his degree via external studies. In addition, he is working full time for a graphic design company, utilizing skills he acquired through a graphic design certificate program.

Please pray for Naveen's continued strength and health!

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