Mounica joined the Ashirvad family in August 2013. She is 8 years old. Her father died of HIV some time in 2012. Her mother, who herself is sick with HIV, provided such poor care to Mounica that a small infection on her scalp spread to the extent that many maggots were removed from the wounds! In late 2012, her entire scalp had to be surgically removed and over the course of the next eight months her scalp re-grew and her hair is now starting to grow back!

Mounica is happy to be living at Ashirvad where she receives proper medical care, food, clothing, education and most importantly, the opportunity to learn and grow!

Please continue to pray for Mounica's scalp and overall health. She continues to have many health challenges. Even after two years her scalp is not fully healed and will require special surgery. She is also currently undergoing treatment for TB. For various reasons, she had to go off of her ART (HIV) medicines recently. Only after she is back on her ART medicines and her TB treatment is complete that we will be able to move forward with necessary surgery for her scalp.

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