Each day we see Bharathi, we recognize and praise God for His grace in her life! Bharathi recently finished her second round of treatment for TB. In March of 2012, Bharathi began her first TB treatment but quickly experienced a very severe reaction to the medicine. She was hospitalized, and we thought that she would not survive. But, through God’s grace, she gained strength and when the doctors realized the impact that the TB medicines were having on her body, they made adjustments. Her body responded well to the adjustments and she gained strength and was able to start the new school year in June 2012. Starting in February 2013, Bharathi started having shortness of breath. After external testing, it was determined that she had an enlarged heart. She was again hospitalized and placed on oxygen. Her condition looked very grave, but again, God’s hand was on her and she gained strength and was discharged. She was ordered to stay on bed rest, not able to even climb stairs. After three months of interceding and waiting, the doctors at the government hospital finally agreed to change her ART medicine.

After a couple of months, her heart started to show signs of improvement and continues to show improvement. Bharathi is back in school now (after missing almost a full year!) and can participate in limited activities. When we look at her, it is hard to believe how far she has come!

Please continue praying for Bharathi - she still has a long road ahead of her!

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