Ashirvad Children's Home

As we faced the reality of moms and dads dying of AIDS, leaving their children orphaned, we took action by starting Ashirvad Children’s Home. In 2004 we started Ashirvad with 14 children, and today, Ashirvad is currently home to 32 children whose lives have been affected by HIV. At Ashirvad, children are offered a safe and stable living environment, comprehensive medical care, a balanced and nutritious diet, a quality English-medium education and needed counseling. We like to think of Ashirvad as a big family - where the kids have a sense of belonging and are cared for and loved by the staff of Ark!

We are thankful to many people who have committed to monthly sponsorship for the Ashirvad children. In 2013, the actual expenses per child amounted to $75 per month. Expenses related to Ashirvad that exceed the amount of sponsorship support are deducted from the Ark’s general budget.

By God's grace, all of the Ashirvad Children currently have a sponsor! Stay tuned - more sponsors will be needed in the coming months as we anticipate new children coming to live at Ashirvad.

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